We dedicate to private brands development (SURY, KIMBEL, LAKI, and WELLK) on basic product lines: FOODS, ALCOHOL, CLEANNESS Y PERSONAL CARE; high quality, demanded and market desirability, under strategic business agreements with Important Manufacturers worldwide. Exclusive distribution of important and high quality Dominican brands as well: SANTO DOMINGO COFFEE, INDUVECA, BALDOM, TIGERBRAW MALT, CHOCOLATE EMBAJADOR, DON RHON, LA FUERZA RED WINE, among others.


Suplidora Suriel, C. x A., is a Company incorporated according to Dominican Republic laws, and founded in 1990 by Mr. Pablo Suriel Langumas, starting operations on local market the month of March of the same year, based on Santo Domingo City, capital of Dominican Republic.

In 1995, we started exporting nontraditional products from Dominican Republic to THE CARIBBEAN ISLAND (SAN MAARTEN, ANGUILA, AMONG OTHERS), among which it is important to mention; BRUGAL RUM, through Sury Company N V, an ally Dutch company, SANTO DOMINGO COFFEE, LA FAMOSA GREEN PIGEON PEAS, COSMETICS, TURPERTINE, CREOLINE, BAYRUN, COCONUT MILK, INDUVECA SALAMI, BALDOM PRODUCTS, WISKY MARC ALBERT, LA FUERZA RED WINE, among others. This initiative allowed us to eliminate the local sales division in 1996, with the purpose of following consistently to this same initiative, achieving with this a more efficient service to our international clients, resulting in the base of an arduous work philosophy, in accordance with the new world trade order.
OUR PHILOSOPHY: Stability and consistency in our service to keep the satisfaction and reliability of our clients.


Strengthen our visionary business strategy considering social economy, good environmental practices, support and training our workers with the purpose of incorporating to our company regional POTENCIAL MARKETS with a global focus.


Keep a good relation with our SUPPLIERS AND CLIENTS, which constitute the primary matter of our existence, supported on the formula of commercial and business success: QUALITY- PRICES AND EXCELENT SERVICE.


*Humilityand tolerancein the face of difficulties.


Commercialize brands with global projections, sustained in high quality and guaranteed service to our clients and strategic partners, updates products portfolio, with high desirability within our markets, always prioritizing our consumers and commercial partners’ requirements, because they are the reason of our existence and sustainability. Going forward parallel to changes and behavior of the global markets with responsible strategic agreements that guarantees taking last generation elaborated cutting edge technology products to our markets.